CIT230 Help

Bro Paul Cheney

Lesson 03

Objective Summary

  • Developer Forum (Gospel Question)
  • Sign up for Student Presentation
  • Practice fixing HTML errors in the "HTML Markup Validation" activity
  • Design Principles Document (remember the peer reviews)

Additional Instructional Videos

  • Watch Chrome Inspect Tools for a Screen Capture

Assignment Examples

  • View an example of the PARC Design document I started. Yours may look something like this. I used Chrome Inspect to emulate the phone view of a website and then did a screen capture and placed the image in a word processor. See the Instructional Video above.

Teaching Presentations

Week 3

Typography (by Paul Cheney)

Week 4

HTML Semantics

HTML Page Elements (header, footer, section, article, aside, nav, div)

HTML Entities

Three kinds of links (external, internal, within page)

Week 5

CSS Media Queries

CSS Measurement units (px, em, rem, percent etc)

Using a ul for navigation and multiple level dropdowns

Week 6

Video Element

Web images size and compression

Responsive Images

Week 7

CSS Transitions

CSS Transformation

CSS Multiple background images

CSS Rounded Corners and Borders and Shadows

CSS Gradients

Week 8

Lists (Ordered. Unordered, Description)

Building a fav icon

Building mobile shortcut icons

Week 9

nth-child and nth-of-type Pseudo Class

Forms (action, method, id, dataset, label, inputs & types, text area)

Week 10

Demonstration of small screen navigation options

Week 11

XAMPP local development enviornment (why and how)