CIT230 Help

Bro Paul Cheney

Lesson 09

Objective Summary

  • I have participated in the Developer Forum (Gospel Question).
  • I have watched the Teaching Presentations by some students.
  • I have added a form page to my site
  • I have built a table in web page and shared it with my peers.

Additional Instructional Videos

The videos listed below are found on UDEMY. Please ask your professor for the coupon code to get this course for free.

  • Introduction to Forms part 1 [1:17]
  • Introduction to Forms part 2 [20:24]
  • Overview of the Completed Page [9:42]
  • Progress Bar [3:01]
  • Build a Form part 1 [7:23]
  • Build a Form part 2 [13:12]
  • Style the Form [8:09]

Assignment Examples

  • none